How to…

  1. Locate requested products on our site
  2. Contact us via mail/chat or phone
  3. Confirm requested products and delivery information such as
    Business or private cusumer
    Complete adress incl postalcode etc
    Telephone no incl. coutry suffix
    If Business inside EU your VAT no.
  4. We calculate shipping cost and get back to youAll deliveries outside Sweden is 100% prepayment via banktransfer.
    Shipping is prepared instantly and shipping when transaction has reached account (takes usually one day)

Shipments with in EU

Transport to B2B and B2C
Via Dachser , Bring or DHL

For B2C Swedish tax applies at this point
For B2B VAT is not charged if you have a valid TAX no.

More about B2B:

Selling goods to businesses based in another EU country

If you sell goods to a business and these goods are sent to another EU country, you do not charge VAT if the customer has a valid EU VAT number.

You may still deduct the VAT that you paid on related expenses, such as for goods or services purchased specifically to make those sales.

If your customer doesn’t have a valid EU VAT number, you should usually charge VAT on the sale at the rate applicable in your country.

ShipmentS to Norway

Price gets quoted is without Swedish VAT and freigth includes toll handling and administration. Local tax is paid by the customer directly to your local taxmanagement